Peckish Documentation

This section is currently being updated. This will be completed by 04/04/22.
Basic Setup
Welcome to Peckish!
The Peckish Guide is updated regularly so if you have any requests or issues please let us know and we will post solution for everyone to see here.
If you have gotten to this screen we can assume you have...
  1. Created an account.
  1. Interested in Setting up your Profile.
  1. Looking for infomation on how to do so.
In order to get setup there a few things we must tell you
  • Peckish is now live!
  • You need to enter details on the Billing Page (via Stripe) to get full functionality if you do not have it already.
  • You will not be charged on setup.
  • Our founder Paul will be in Cork City everyday if you need any help. Just give him a shout and he will pop in!
Billing with Stripe
We have integrated our payment system with Stripe. We chose this platform as is it user friendly, we don't need to send you to another external payment screen and it is one of the most secure payment operators in the world.
Just so you know a little bit more about your trial subscription;
  • You will not be charged for the first 30 days.
  • You are not tied in to any contract, you may cancel at any time but we hope you won't.
  • We do not have access to your payment information.
If you want to learn more about the Stripe Services Agreement please click here.
Menu Section
This section is where you can create, edit and organize your menu sections.
notion image
You can create your own menu sections, for example;
  • Starters, Mains, Sides, Desserts, Drinks
  • Appetizers, Salads, Burgers, Pastas, Pizzas, Steaks, Vegetarian Options, Extras
  • Lunch - Starters, Lunch - Mains, Dinner - Starters, Dinner - Mains
Every user is automatically given three extra menu sections
  • Todays Specials
  • Deals
  • Backup Menu
Today's Specials - Here you can advertise any daily specials your business offers. You can choose which dishes to show by publishing these on the individual menu item section. If your business rotates it’s specials you can either publish/unpublish these specials as you need or you can move these to the Backup Menu.
Deals - The Deal Section allows you to advertise any current offers you have including promotional offers. These include, but are not limited to;
  • Buy one get on free
  • Early Bird Menus
  • Set Menus
  • Printed Menu
Deals will appear in the regular search results section and will appear under the deals tab on the specials page. (We may advertise these on the homepage as well if requested).
Deals will only appear on your profile if they are published, we will never show a blank section on your profile.
With each Deal you can;
  • Add an image/poster
  • Provide a detailed description
  • Minimum pricing
  • Attach 3 categories
  • Additional Options (see here for more details)
You can also specify which days/times during the week these deals run - see #itemsettings for more details
Backup Menu - The Backup Menu allows you to save dishes that you may want to keep separate, these include;
  • Seasonal dishes
  • New dishes that the chef is working on
  • Ingredient List (see below)
  • Dishes that you may not have wanted to delete
The Backup Menu section is only visible to you. Any menu item in this section should not be visible on your profile or in any search results.
When you go to delete any dish from any section a pop up will appear and ask you if you want to move a dish to this section instead of deleting it.
notion image
No dish can be created here but dishes can be updated. If you want to create a new menu item here, we recommend creating it in any other menu section and then moving it here via the Move Dishes button - more information on this below.
Ingredient List
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  • We highly recommend creating a dish named “Ingredient List” where you can add any new ingredients in your kitchen and input it’s allergen information.
  • When you are creating new dishes you can add any ingredient and copy over its respective allergen information very easily.
  • This will provide you and your team with a reference point to see all of your allergens for any ingredient. If you want to make it even easier to have a list of ingredients and allergens we recommend entering each one in the Ingredient Addition field.
NOTE: If you choose to delete a menu section you will be prompted to confirm. When a menu section is deleted it is not moved to the backup menu and will be permanently deleted.
Move Dishes (organize items) - On this page you can simply drag and drop any menu item between any menu section. This can be done to;
  • Order your menu items the same way they appear on your menu
  • Move dishes from the backup menu
  • Move specials to the regular menu
Peckish Pro Tip: Say you enter your Mains into the system before your Starters. Rename these menu sections and then drag and drop the menu items to their respective section in order. (don’t forget to update the menu times)
Menu Window
Before any items are added
notion image
Settings Button: Specify the hours that this menu section runs during the week. When these are set consumers can select the “Available Right Now” button on the search page and be provided with accurate information. Your order hours may differ to your opening hours, we try and avoid any miscommunication at all times.
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After new item is created
notion image
Click the edit button (the pencil) to start inputting information on the dish.
notion image
Once a dish has been created you can input it’s
  • Title
  • Price
  • Dish Description
  • Image
Title: Name of the dish / what is it (mandatory)
Most dishes have a unique name, we would recommend attaching what exactly it is in the name as well to improve your search results.
Example: If you have a dish named pizza called “Margherita” in your pizza menu section it will appear when someone clicks on the pizza category or button but will not appear when someone types in pizza. We would recommend in this case to name the dish “Margherita Pizza” or “Margherita (Pizza)” to make sure it shows up.
Price: Base price of the dish (mandatory)
If any extras can be added that will increase the price of the dish is inputted later.
Dish Description: Opportunity to tell customers more about it.
The tastes/flavours, how it’s prepared/cooked, you can even reference where it’s sourced, who your suppliers are, the calories, whatever you want!
Image: What the dishes look like.
You can upload an image of any dimension, whether it’s portrait, landscape or taken from your instagram and will be displayed as such when someone clicks on it. The image will be cropped to fit the dish view on the homepage and the search page before it’s clicked so we would recommend a landscape image for now.
NOTE: When uploading if you have any issues please enter the dish name first, save it, refresh the page and then begin uploading.
Publish: You cannot upload any dish without;
  • Name
  • Price
  • One ingredient (at least)
Preview Dish: You can see what the dish will look like at any time before publishing it to make sure all the relevant information is correct.
Duplicate Dish: Create duplicates of dishes.
notion image
This is very useful if you have a lot of similar dishes (burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, etc) so you don’t need to enter the same information over and over again. It will create an identical dish down to it’s ingredients and allergens.
Make sure to update the new name, price, description, image, ingredients, allergens, categories, etc.
notion image
notion image
Ingredients:: Here you can create new ingredients or load already created ingredients. We would recommend to name each ingredient that is served to the customer, what exactly is on the plate.
notion image
When creating a new ingredient, simply type in the name of the ingredient and press enter.
notion image
To remove the ingredient simply click the “x” button on the ingredient window.
NOTE: Don’t put ingredients that you can add or substitute here, these are done next in their own sections.
Ingredient Substitution
notion image
Ingredients Substitution: You can substitute ingredient options here. Like the ingredient section above you can create and load ingredients, you also can add a price to the ingredients if they incur an extra charge for the ingredient substituted.
notion image
If you do not give the ingredient an extra cost, when you click add it will enter €0 automatically.
notion image
NOTE: If you delete an ingredient from the ingredients section, the associated substitutions will be removed as well.
notion image
If you are giving the user the option to remove an ingredient like above, we recommend adding “No” in front of the ingredient name. You will still need to add the allergen information for No Tomato as it is a new ingredient in the system (just click none under required).
notion image
Extra Information: It can be useful to give the consumer more information here of how they can get their dishes prepared/served. If the dish is “made the order” then here you can give them more information to reduce the time that your staff need to answer questions to increase the table turn over rate.
Example: For Burger Sauce you can give them the option for substituting it for a different sauce, removing the sauce or getting the Sauce on the Side. For Sauce on the Side you would still need to enter the allergen information here.
Ingredient Addition
notion image
Ingredient Addition: Here you can add extra ingredients that can be added to the dish. These can include new ingredients or extra’s of other ingredients. (Cheese, Extra Cheese). These again can be new ingredients or already created ingredients.
notion image
If you do not give the ingredient an extra cost, when you click add it will enter €0 automatically. Otherwise you may attach an extra cost for the additional ingredient(s).
(Should be Avocado below not Avacado)
notion image
notion image
Allergens: You must enter the allergen information for each ingredient. You will not be able to publish the dish with entering all relevant allergen information, if you miss an allergen a window will pop up and prompt you to enter the respective allergen.
notion image
Required: Here you must enter either
  • None
  • One of more of Meat Products / Animal Products / Alcohol Present
This allows the system to determine whether the menu item can be made vegan or vegetarian or suitable for minors (eg drinks).
Allergens: To be compliant with the guidelines put forward by the FSAI we have broken down the allergens for Gluten and Nuts into their own sections.
notion image
Copied Ingredients: When an ingredient is loaded from another dish (or ingredient list) the allergen information is copied over as well to save you time entering the same information.
When this occurs we display a warning message that says “You have copied this ingredient from another dish. Is the allergen information correct?”. We display this information because although you may be using the same ingredient, you could be cooking or preparing the ingredient with a number of ingredients that aren’t mentioned as they are part of the recipe.
notion image
NOTE: We are aware that cross contamination does occur and in some cases not all operators can guarantee that a dish is 100% free from containing an allergen it isn’t supposed to, due to a number of factors such as external suppliers, storage, human error, etc. When displaying the allergen information on a dish there is a warning button with a pop up that, when clicked, displays the following text.
“The allergen(s) found in this item are based on the allergen information of each individual ingredient provided by the restaurant. However this item or its ingredients may be prepared or stored in an environment where other allergens are present. Peckish always recommends that if you have any sensitivities, dietary requirements or allergens to always make it known to a member of staff or contact the restaurant in advance.”
Other Menu Functions

Cooking Time

notion image
Cooking Time: This is the estimated time a dish will take to cook. This may differ based on how busy your kitchen is or based on how the customer wants it to be cooked. If the dish is an already prepared / prepackaged meal then enter 0 minutes.


notion image
Category: You have the option of attaching up to a maximum of 3 categories to each dish. This is not required but it does increase it’s visibility on Peckish.

Additional Options

notion image
This feature isn't required but can be useful in certain situations, for example if you have varied sizes for pizza's. We wouldn't recommend entering ingredients here as allergen information in not taken into account here.
When you opt into using this feature, it is displayed as such.
notion image
Other Pages
Dashboard: Updating.
  • Overall Analytics.
  • Menu Views.
Profile: Updating.
  • Building out your Profile.
  • Ordering Options.
Settings: Updating.
  • Updating Password.
  • Delivery Button.
  • Profile Visibility.
  • Deleting Your Account.