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How Peckish Helps

Collection & Delivery

Generate sales to your click & collect or delivery services by showcasing your menu items on our marketplace. Already using a third-party to facilitate your online orders? Great, now let Peckish get customers to those sales channels by providing them with the easiest path to purchase.

Collection & Delivery

Menu Management

Updating your menu has never been easier. Upload, edit and publish new menu items in seconds. Our smart menu system highlights dishes that can be made vegan, gluten-free and much more by understanding what's actually on the plate.

Menu Management

Personalized Analytics

Find out what consumers are really interested in. Any interaction with your profile and menu is analysed and reported back to you in real time. See how often people viewing your delicious dishes and compare it your sales, then use this market research to retarget these dishes on your social media to boost your sales.

Personalized Analytics

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Connect with More Customers

  • Enable Online Sales Channels
  • Advertise Daily Specials
  • In-depth Consumer Analytics
  • Easy Menu Management
  • Marketing & Promotion
  • QR Code for Digital Menu
  • Assisted Onboarding
  • Phone & Email Support


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