How To Make New Customers Notice You

So, life as we know it has returned to normal and diners are happily sitting back in your restaurant again. But aside from the regulars, you’re beginning to wonder how you can get even more customers in the door. We’re here to help with a few tips to get more bums on seats in your restaurant!
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Get Using Ads

Seems like an obvious tip, yet many restaurants don’t leverage ads on social media or Google to increase traffic. Use of Google AdWords is extremely helpful as it allows you to specifically target people within a certain radius of your restaurant. This can be easily set up; all you need to do if figure out which key words are most related to your restaurants’ offerings. You can use handy paid tools to check out what searches are most prevalent for similar eateries and boost your restaurants name up to the top of the search. The more specific you are with your keywords, the cheaper it will be to boost them as you will have less competition as opposed to more commonly used, broader terms. Similarly, boosting your page through ads on Facebook and Instagram gets your brand out there and appearing regularly on potential customers’ screens.
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Get Friendly with Influencers

Teaming up with influencers is a wonderful way to get people interested in your brand, and it is very possible to create partnerships where you both will gain. Figure out how you can create value to them, for example, free food is always a winner! In return for a wonderful meal at your place, let them leave an honest review to their many followers on socials to let the world know that your food is class, and everyone needs to eat here. Try to find an influencer who would represent your brand well as this is more likely to result in longer-term and more successful partnerships. Some of our favourite foodie influencers worth shooting a DM are Conor Ryan, Mikey Olden, the Happy Pear, Bits and Bites, Rachel Hornibrook, and Miriam Mullins!
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Get Active on Your Socials

While an influencer will do wonders for your reach, they will not be the sole flag bearer for your social pages, meaning that you will need to manage your own page in between promotions. Make sure you are filling your page with quality photos of your food, keeping customers up to date with any promotions or new dishes, and any general news about your restaurant. Try and go a step further by increasing engagement through use of polls and question boxes in your stories, giving a bit of background insight into your restaurant to make it more personal. Remember that your socials are a wonderful place to keep in touch with customers and a very quick and efficient way of conducting market research.
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Get Creative with Menus

It’s a great idea to make sure that you’re capitalising on every opportunity you can by finding a way to incorporate it into your business. For example, why not some traditional Irish favourites or a green cocktail for St Patrick’s Day like our friends at the Mardyke and Oakfire Pizza who added our beloved Tayto to their dishes, or similarly an American BBQ theme for the 4th of July. Or get involved with promotions for special Cork events like Live at the Marquee and the Jazz Festival. For inspiration, take for example the wonderful Pigalle, who in the past have promoted special surprise menus where curious customers came to taste creative, fun, and seasonal set menus. Remember that the more creative you can be the more attention it will attract meaning more people want to come in to try it!

Run Special Events

You can run events as little or as often as you like, depending on the cost versus the rate of success it brings you. Don’t be afraid to try something a little bit different or out there because the quirkier it is, the more it will get noticed. Why not try something simple like a wine and cheese evening midweek, or if you are serving a younger community, something fun like speed dating will get people interested. You can even use the night for the greater good of the community, take for example our wonderful partner Dwyer’s, who recently held a special charity event for Marymount Hospice raising an incredible €45,000. If you don’t want to commit to a whole night for an event, why not make use of your socials again and instead run virtual competitions with prizes of food at yours. A free dinner for a new loyal customer and social media attraction sounds like a win-win to us!
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Make sure that you are making the most of being back to full capacity by keeping yourself up-to-date and engaged with what your customers want. Listening to their feedback is a sure-fire way to make sure you are providing them with the most value possible. Get cracking!

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