5 Essential Ways to Drive Extra Traffic to Your Posts

Never has there been such an effective, easily accessible, and cheap marketing tool as what social media gives us. It’s the perfect place to portray your business as well as you’d like, and use it as advertising to keep loyal customers, and of course attract new ones. We want to tell you about our top tips for driving extra traffic to your socials!
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Optimise your profile

We eat with our eyes first, and in such a competitive industry, it’s critical that you ensure your social profile looks as good as it possibly can. Investing in a good camera or hiring a professional to take great shots of some of your best dishes will put you in a great position to get noticed and get people interested in your menu. Your profile should showcase the best of you and give the consumer an insight into what your restaurants’ brand value is. Keep your bio short and sweet to give your followers a concise intro to what you do, and then let the pictures of your delicious food do the talking!

Get your timing right

The bets way to get people’s attention is by anticipating you already know what they’re looking for. Ever notice when you’re hungry just before lunch time and you have a quick scroll through your socials only to be teased with delicious looking food? That’s no coincidence! That is the work of a smart marketer who has perfectly timed their solution to your imminent hunger! Make sure that you get your food out there at the times when people are most likely to order it.
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Promote your content

We are all guilty of spending too much time on our phones, aimlessly scrolling and hoping to spot something interesting. Isn’t it great when something makes us stop scrolling and get us inquisitive? Making sure that your page is the first spot to advertise any business promotions means that your followers are kept up-to-date, even if they didn’t plan to be! Promoting all your content online, whether it be a teaser link to a new blog post, a tasty new menu, or an updated table booking system, make sure your customers are made aware of it and give them a chance to get interacting!

Engage your audience

Socials are a wonderful place to advertise and get your restaurant news out to the world, but one thing that can really set you apart is how well you engage your audience. Use every opportunity you get to converse with your followers, asking them questions about what they want from you so that you can provide the most valuable content to them. There are so many great features that can be used like going live, Q & A boxes, collaborative posts, polls and so on, there’s really no excuse not to be getting feedback and engagement from your followers! Creating a sense of familiarity and friendliness is not only a great marketing strategy, but also a sure-fire way to increase customer loyalty!
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Get using hashtags

Hashtags are a very easy way to get your post seen by as many people as possible and drive up your engagement. They can be as simple and generic as #coffee, or as specific as you would like. What’s important here is to use ones relative to your post to make your post appear with similar posts and available to interested browsers. One key tip, make sure that they are tidy by not overdoing how many hashtags you use in the one post. A common way around this is to post your hashtags as the first comment on the post instead to improve the appearance of the overall post for the customer!
Make sure to start applying different techniques to drive your post engagement by finding a way that works for you and your restaurant that you can sustain in the long-term. Why not check out what other Peckish restaurants are up to and keep up-to-date on our website! Happy hash-tagging!

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